Three Handsome Men Take Their Spots, Now Watch Their Dad On The Left. WHOA!


Taurie started singing after suffering a heart attack, but it’s taken him three years to persuade his three sons to join him on “Britain’s Got Talent.”

It’s The Neales’ first public performance ever — but will they impress the judges with their rendition of “When Will I Be Loved” by the Everly Brothers? Watch the video below to find out what the judges have to say!

Laurie turned 60 this year. His three handsome boys, ages 24, 26, and 28, all have serious day jobs in marketing, banking, and law. But when their dad had a heart attack 10 years ago and decided to pursue his passion for singing, they finally obliged him and helped him achieve his dream on stage.

The moment the four men walk off stage, hand-in-hand with Mom and Grandma, I nearly broke down in tears. Whether or not The Neales win the competition, they’ve certainly won our hearts!

The last time I fell this in love with a father-son duet, it was the cowboy dad who sang “Cruise” by Florida George Line with his adorable toddler.

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