Three Wolves Get Very Close To Show A Man How Much They Love Him


It generally isn’t advised to cuddle or pet wild animals, even the most adorable ones. We love watching elephants frolic, for example, but when faced with a potentially life-threatening situation, it’s not impossible that these once-friendly animals can turn on you.

Even more so, it’s hard to imagine friendly wolves. Some veterans are learning to bond with these mysterious and majestic animals, but it takes training to be able to interact with them. So when we saw one brave man face a pack of wolves, we had no idea what to expect!

Watch one man courageously face a wolf advancing very slowly toward him. The gripping footage shows the animal come so close to the man, they’re practically nose-to-nose! But it’s what happens next that will really blow your mind: Just when the wolf opens his mouth, there’s a moment when you’ll fear for the man’s life. But what happens instead is utterly amazing: The wolf licks the man’s face! As he becomes more and more comfortable with the stranger, he isn’t afraid to show him how much he loves him, marking his ‘territory’ the way our pets at home do.

Without a warning, another wolf comes into the frame, and again another! A pack of three wolves now surrounds the man, who is able to keep his calm. Watch the clip to find out how these furry fellows react to the stranger!

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