Tiny Puppy Sees Huge Doberman Dog Approaching – His Wild Reaction Has Everyone in Stitches


On a sparkling, bright and sunlit day, one brave and stalwart dog, a Doberman named ‘Boss’, met his match in the tiny, aspiring and somewhat clumsy Kyra. For you see, Kyra is a precious, adorable and quite inquisitive little Doberman pup, tiny in comparison to the stately Boss. However, that didn’t stop Kyra for asserting herself upon the gentle giant.

Looking at the video, we see little Krya ready to take a stand, to make her mark in the world, by challenging the great Boss. Little Kyra readies herself and makes her charge! Boss, appears to give sweet, little Kyra a rather whimsical, amused glance, and delightfully bounces away.

Later that day, Boss is seen enjoying a relaxed bit of time under the shade, near a bush. Who should appear from underneath the bush but our brave and gallant Kyra! Quickly she makes her move, for she must attack Bosses paws! First one, then another! The courageous Kyra looks triumphant as she realizes her self worth. All the while, the kind and gentle Boss seems content to embrace her fantasy of greatness.

All in all, despite their often fierce reputation, in truth the Doberman is a kind, forgiving and loving dog. He will fight to the death to defend those he holds dear, yet turn around and share his heart with those he loves, including tiny, pesky and challenging puppies. Much maligned through the years, all of that cannot erase the truth: That this dog is born to protect and love, and that is what makes the Doberman reign supreme in the hearts, minds and souls of so many all over the world.



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