Driver Throwing Tissues And Garbage Out Of The Car Gets Instant Lesson


The web has circled a video from China in this day, in which we can see an arrogant driver.

He was parked in front of a communal worker, while throwing garbage and tissues through the window of a car, but then soon he got a lesson that he will surely remember for all eternity.

An arrogant driver was throwing tissues through the window of his vehicle, as he saw a worker cleaning up the garbage next to him. Whole drama was soon also noticed by other residents.

For one of them, the driver’s act crossed all the boundaries of good taste, so he approached the worker, took the dust pan from his hand, and then gave the driver a lesson.

The driver wanted to have the last word in response, but the man who took care of the justice prevented him to step out of the vehicle. Look at the lesson the arrogant driver got when he was throwing tissues and garbage out of the car window!

Source: klipland



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