Quiz: Each Kind Of Treats Represents A Number, but it can be difficult to decide


Many numerical puzzles often need to be solved using some mathematical equation or other method. But it is not always the case.

Sometimes you may encounter complex math puzzles, but you will have an instinct to follow and the ability to find the right things.


Take this one for example. There are three kinds of delicious treats in this image below but they all represent a number. When you figure out the number each of them represents, you should be able to solve the simple addition and multiplication problem provided to arrive at the correct answer.

Thus, although you are not solving any particular level of difficulty, you expect to spend some time figuring out what numbers are cookies, cakes, and pancakes. And so that you can solve this as quickly as possible, you must be a fast thinker.

Another skill you need is the ability to concentrate completely. Because if you get distracted by passing cars and a loud TV, it will probably be difficult for you to find the right answer.

So did you know that you represent the number of each dessert?

You might want to give up, especially if you think you need to go through each number to find the right number. But will it be easier to figure out what the cookie is based on the first equation, and then move on to another?

Still in doubt? If you are sure that you have done everything possible, the answer can be found below.


If you are one of the few people who fully understand this, succeed! You are very insightful and analytical.

I hope this entertained you and trained your brain. Do not forget to show your loved ones through social networks.



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