Triplets Are Pregnant At The Same Time. Their Ultrasounds Are Truly Revealing


It’s rare for regular sisters to be pregnant at the same time, but for triplet sisters to be?! That seems almost impossible.

The nine-month path of pregnancy is one paved with challenges and lessons, but the bliss-filled moments experienced along the way are what make it truly valuable. In addition to that, the end of this worthwhile journey is illuminated by the fact that you will be welcoming a new human being into this glorious world. That’s a triumph all on its own.
The responsibilities a new mother inherits the instant her infant is born are immensely important. Nearly everything a mom says and does can and will be absorbed by her baby’s sponge-like brain. This all goes without saying, of course – but children are always watching and listening to you, so be mindful to always set a good example.
Have any fond memories of early motherhood? Recollect a precious moment with your parent from the past? Please share your thoughts, feelings and stories with us in the comment section below.


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