Turn An Old Tube Sock Into A Sweet Little Snowman


With Christmas right around the corner, many of us are running around the stores in a totally panicked mindset. What will you serve for Christmas dinner? How many people will be attending? What about the decor? Thankfully, this easy project can help save money and answer one of those important questions! It all starts with a tube sock, a pair of scissors, rice, and string!

This project isn’t one that takes hours – in fact, you can create something adorable and imaginative with things you already have lying around the house in just a few minutes. This crafty woman young shows us all how to take a sock and transform it into a cute little snowman! The first thing you need to do is take the tube sock and cut it in half. Then, tie one end of the sock with a string and fill it with rice. After the sock is filled to the brim with rice, you can shape it and tie another string.

After you have the shape of the snowman you like you can start with the fun part. You’re now ready to decorate the sweet little sock snowman to suit your personality or existing decorations. You can dress it in a brimmed hat, big smile, and bright colors – or you can keep things traditional with muted tones and simplistic accessories. Learn how to make this adorable snowman for yourself by pressing “play” on the video below! What an easy, fun craft to do yourself or with a child!



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