Twin Sisters Reunite After 55 Years Of Mysterious Family History


When she was growing up, Helen would talk to her imaginary friend when she was sad. She called her invisible friend her “secret sister.” When her abusive father would come home, angry and hostile, it was in her secret sister that she took solace and comfort.

But it wasn’t until five decades later that Helen learned her secret sister was real.

Meanwhile, miles away, Jenny figured out she was adopted when she was a small child. A cousin of hers told her to butt out of a conversation because she was adopted.

When Jenny confronted her mother about the strange comment, she learned that it was true. For the rest of her life, Jenny would end up searching for her real family.

After decades of searching, she found Mercia, her biological mother. Merica told Jenny she had given her up because it had been after the war and resources were scarce.

She made Jenny promise to never find or tell Helen that they were sisters. Helen still didn’t know that she really had a secret sister out there.


After Mercia died, Jenny decided to finally find Helen. Within 24 hours of posting on a website that reunites estranged family members called Genes United, she was in contact with Helen.

Even when adopted children love their new parents, there is always that longing to know where they’ve come from. When Robert Allen Jr. met his biological siblings it was all love and no resentment.

Helen had no idea her her abusive dad was not her biological father and that her mother had given her sister up, but rather than anger, she was filled with joy. The two reunited after 55 years. They believed they were half sisters at first but after a DNA test, they discovered they were fraternal twins!

After decades of loneliness, Helen found her secret sister.

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