Two Brothers Sing A Hilarious Song About Santa Claus


The “Moron Brothers” are a musical comedy duo who love to travel the country and share their sense of humor with anyone who will give them a listen.

For over 20 years, these two have gone all around America playing their bluegrass, telling their jokes, and sharing their faith. Their self-effacing humor and amazing musical skills is guaranteed to leave a smile on your face and a skip in your step!

The main thing they like to share with everyone is their strong sense of faith. And while they have a great sense of humor, they’ll be the first to tell you the importance and real “reason for the season” as many of us are celebrating Christmas.

But even though Christmas is important to them, that doesn’t mean they can’t have fun either! Singing their hilarious song about Santa visiting their home last Christmas, there’s a reason why this year Santa refuses to take a single step inside!

With one brother picking away at the banjo, and the other supplying the smooth sounds of the guitar, this song is not only hilarious and original, but it’s pretty catchy, too.

Wouldn’t you love hearing these two guys perform live? Hopefully you won’t get lice, though!

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