U.S. Soldier Surprises Busy Working Father-In-Law


There have always been those jokes about the old “in-laws.” Those people who just so happened to be the parents of the person that you just so happened to be marrying. The mother-in-law is overbearing and judgmental, and the father-in-law always thinks that their kid could have done better.

Either way, at the wedding day, after the dress has been bought and the venue chosen and given a down payment on, the father of the bride gives away his daughter as the whole wedding party can’t help but wipe the tears from their eyes.

But all joking aside, the relationship that some people have with their “in-laws” is often just as strong as that with their own parents, just like Jimmy Fallon’s relationship with his veteran father-in-law, sometimes it’s just always up to chance!

So when one soldier came home from Kuwait for a surprise visit, this father-in-law couldn’t help but burst into tears when he first saw him. This dad melted from a big, important business man to a heartwarming happy dad in less than three seconds.

The look on his face is completely amazing, and we can only wish that every single soldier fighting overseas gets the chance to come home safe and sound for good!

Warning: The video below contains adult language.

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