United States Coast Guard Honor Guard Shows Off Their Amazing Precision


There’s something amazing that happens when you watch the highly skilled talents of a silent drill team. Whether they be Marines, Army, Air Force, or the proud members of the Coast Guard, these highly trained people are always a true wonder to behold.

So when you watch the 18 men and women of the Coast Guard’s silent squad pull off a truly amazing performance, you’ll easily agree why the huge crowd was so enraptured by their every twist and turn throughout the video below.

Our favorite moment is when they’re twirling the fixed bayonet rifles over their squad leader’s head; the move is so intense that a little boy in the audience lets out a scream of terror! He has no idea that the men and women up there on the stage are in complete control of their bodies and the weapons they hold in their hands.

The silent drill team is a special unit in their respective branches. These proud warriors are all the “best of the best” and they’re meant to help recruit new and upstanding members to join them to defend America.

These men and women really show off the skill and precision held by all members of this important branch of our military. The Coast Guard not only defends our borders, but they also help civilians in times of crises. These are all amazing citizens of our nation and deserve the applause that you hear in the video!

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