Video Shows Off A Freaky Slide On A Cruise Ship


A few years ago, YouTuber Jim Zimmerlin took a trip on a Carnival Spirit cruise ship on the Mexican Riviera. While onboard, he had to try out the ship’s newest attraction, the Green Thunder water slide. After watching all the people try it for the first time, he decided to film some reactions. Instead of sitting down and sliding down a normal slide, the Green Thunder has riders stand upright as the floor beneath opens and sucks them down.

According to Zimmerlin, this slide wasn’t originally on the ship, but was instead added in January of 2012 when it was being upgraded during a dry dock. It has become quite the attraction onboard and claims it can take people on a ride at a top speed of 65 kilometers per hour (roughly 40 miles per hour). When it was put in it was the steepest slide on the sea, though other cruise ships have followed their lead and added in their own slides.

It sure looks like quite the ride. Watch these people as they take it for a spin for the very first time.



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