Viral Video Shows Man Vacuuming Off Popcorn Ceiling In Seconds


Just about all of us are familiar with the dreaded “popcorn ceiling.” Since the 1950s, this unsightly invention was purely practical as opposed to beautiful; love it or hate it, you probably grew up with it or even still live with it!

While certainly not the most beautiful of inventions, popcorn ceilings were originally meant to lower any noise pollution and to cover up seams in the ceilings. While this material was usually made from safe material, a worrying amount of popcorn ceilings were made out of asbestos.

Over the years, a lot of people have finally decided to rid their ceilings of this bumpy plague. With no real set technique or style, people have gone to use anything from snow-scrapers to knives.

While the little bumps might look small, they’re nigh impossible to get rid of no matter how hard you try. Some people decided just to cover up their popcorn ceilings with a brand-new ceiling, but they had to live with the knowledge that those little bumps were still there in their home!

But while some people have trouble with popcorn ceilings, the amazing people at Chopper’s Drywall have come up with an amazing solution to this problem. A special vacuum cleaner that scrapes off the popcorn while sucking it down! No mess, no fuss, and it’s all over in just a few minutes. This Festool drywall sander and dust extraction will pull off any popcorn with little mess.

But just make sure it doesn’t have any Asbestos and leave this job to the professionals!

It’s no wonder why this video is going viral, so many people know this problem and so many people would love to have this contraption!

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