Waiter Refuses To Give Service To Group That Was Insulting Special Needs Boy


Kim Castillo and her son, Milo, were regulars at the Laurenzo’s Prime Rib restaurant in Houston, Texas. The place was a favorite of the family, so Milo and Kim were somewhat familiar with the staff of the restaurant. A recent outing to the restaurant left Kim and Milo the victims of verbal abuse by other customers. Specifically, it was Milo who was the subject of the angry customers.

Why was the little boy singled out? Milo was a special needs child, and the abusers were telling him to go be special ‘somewhere else.’ What kind of a jerk would say something like that? When the waiter heard them, he refused to give them service and escorted them off the premises.

Kim was glad the waiter stood up for her and her son, but was concerned that he would get in trouble for kicking out customers. On the contrary, waiter Michael Garcia was applauded for sticking up for Milo. A flurry of support from social media has praised Garcia for doing the right thing. Kudos!

Have you been in a situation where someone said something completely out of line to you in public? How did others around you respond? Do you have your own hero waiter story? Let us know in the comments below, and as always make sure to share this story with your friends on Facebook!



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