Wayne Brady Sings To A Lunch Lady On ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’


Just about everyone loves to watch the hilarious show for quick thinking comedians known as Whose Line Is It Anyway? Back in the days when Drew Carey was the host, this show was being viewed by millions and millions of households every single night all over America, and even today the new episodes are still seen as funny and the reruns are still being watched.

But one of the funniest clips out there comes from one of the most beloved regular co-stars of this show; Wayne Brady, one of America’s favorite comedians, serenading a lunch lady who didn’t seem very interested in being on stage at first.

When Drew demands that she comes down for the singing segment, she seems very serious. Drew tries to make a few jokes with her, but she just doesn’t seem to be having it; that’s when Wayne comes into the picture. His goal is to perform an on-the-spot “singing telegram” for this lady, and no matter what he’s going to find out a way to make her laugh!

Even though Drew is hosting The Price Is Right these days, this famous clip will always be remembered as one of the funniest and cutest moments of his, Wayne’s, and Lee the lunch lady’s lives! Though it took her a bit of time to finally warm up to Wayne, by the end of his performance she was laughing with the whole audience!

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