Man Comes Up With Ingenious Way To Eat Spaghetti With The Least Amount Of Effort


Do you also have problems with eating spaghetti? Many web users had been hating spaghetti for years as they are so difficult to eat.

That’s why these days, one old man posted a video online showing the easiest way how to eat spaghetti.

Many around the world have problems eating spaghetti – we just have a hard time keeping them on our forks, and “hunting” for spaghetti on a plate always takes a long time.

The video that James Felton posted on his Twitter profile has landed online. He filmed an old man who ate spaghetti in a very innovative way. All we need is forks and scissors!

First, he loaded some spaghetti on his fork, took the scissors in his hands and simply sliced off the remaining spaghetti. Man’s ingenious way has exploded online – to date the video has garnered over 8.4 million views.

Source: klipland



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