Jinxy The Pomeranian Adorably Begs For More Belly Rubs


Most dogs love a good belly rub, and some love it so much that they actually demand them. You can’t always get what you want, but if you’re as adorable as Jinxy the little Pomeranian, well, you just might get what you need.

In this cute video, Jinxy returns from the groomer and is ready to relax for the afternoon. But this pampered pooch wants more than a comfy bed to lie in. He actually begs his owner to scratch him and rub his belly. Each time Jinxy wants a belly rub, he lays on his side and puts his paws together as if he’s begging.

The dog’s mom dishes out a few belly pats before stopping. But this simply won’t do for Jinxy. He believes he is the king of the house and has the cutest reaction every time his owner stops giving him a belly rub.

At one point, Riley the pug tries to get in on the action, but Jinxy reigns supreme in taking all the belly rubs. After a few pleas for more love, this cute Pomeranian is back to getting more belly rubs and absolutely loves the attention.

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