Young Dancer Channels Aretha Franklin In A Newly Viral Performance!


Elissa couldn’t wait to record her daughter Johanna as she performed in her dance recital. After all, there’s nothing parents love more than bragging about how fabulous their kids are while up on stage. Little did this proud mom know, her latest video would quickly go viral, stealing the hearts of strangers across the country.

The song was Aretha Franklin’s powerhouse pop song, ‘Respect.’ Elissa posted the video of Johanna’s breakout dance on her Facebook page, and by the next day it had been shared nearly 200,000 times! That’s because Johanna has enough spunk and personality to make the Queen of Soul herself very proud.

People from all over the country are flocking to the video, delighted by Johanna’s attitude, confidence, and adorable dance moves. But Johanna’s biggest fan has to be her doting dad, who screams out, “That’s my baby!” as Johanna wiggles, shakes, and gives the other two girls a run for their money!

It’s no wonder the audience went nuts for Johanna — you can hear them clapping, cheering, and laughing along with the sassy little girl from North Carolina. I have a feeling Johanna garnering respect is something that comes natural to her

Enjoy Johanna’s priceless performance in the video below, and please SHARE this awesome moment with your friends on Facebook!



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