Young Man And His Little Sister Sing a Mashup Song Of Two Iconic Classics


Kenny Holland is an eighteen-year-old music performer who lives in Michigan. In this video, he is performing a cool mashup song that combines “Can’t Help Falling in Love” and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. Here, he is found singing with his little sister who accompanies him beautifully in this performance.

This young man has been playing piano since he was only eight years old and his talent is amazing to behold! Make sure you watch the entire video so you see their voices blend in perfect harmony.

Who would have ever thought these two iconic songs could be blended together so beautifully. These two are truly talented and they work so well together. Kenny and Capris love performing together and they make these two songs seem as if they are one. With their beautiful voices and his flawless piano playing, this mashup is sure to be a hit. After watching this cool video, Please SHARE on Facebook.



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