Young Woman Has Hysterical Complaint After Wisdom Teeth Removal


If you’ve ever gone under the knife, you know the feeling when the anesthetic begins to wear off and you start coming to terms with everything around you. You’re still a bit groggy, maybe a bit confused. The doctor may ask you a few simple questions to make sure that you’re not completely out of it. During this period, an individual’s filter seems to stop functioning, and they typically feel comfortable sharing just about everything on their mind.

Below, a young woman has just had her wisdom teeth removed and seems to be in the recovery room. You might think she’d be happy to have the procedure done, but there’s something really troubling her. It’s a big deal for her, but the cameraman can’t help but laugh when he hears her complaints. Check it out below and let us know if you laughed as hard as we did. If you got a kick out of the video, please share it on Facebook!



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