Young Woman Makes Life Changing Decision After Discovering Starving Horse In The Mountains


Barely clinging to life and scrounging the woods for food, Bones the horse (as he was renamed) didn’t have much to live for. His owners dragged him behind a four-wheeler and left him at the top of a mountain to live out the remainder of his days starving and covered in infection. The irresponsible owners simply didn’t want to care for an aging horse!

That’s when Joey Ferris and his girlfriend, Coco, stumbled upon Bones and made a decision that would change his life forever. With a little coercion and a gentle hand, Coco led Bones down the mountain top on foot since the road was too rough for a horse trailer.

Coco spent the following months nursing the injured elderly horse back to health and, even though Bones couldn’t bounce back like he could as a young foal, the rest of his days were filled with happiness and love. It’s great to see kind humans doing their best to help a defenseless animal hurt by neglectful owners.



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