This Plane Is Overflowing With Talent

Flights can get pretty boring, and this flight from Brisbane to Sydney would have been no different if it wasn’t for the interesting group of people amongst the crowd. This particular flight happened to have the cast of The Lion King Australia, which decided to give an impromptu performance of “Circle of Life” while member Toni Stewart recorded the event.
A media release from Disney announced that this was the first time The Lion King had been performed in Brisbane, but it was far from its first performance. To date, The Lion King is the fourth-longest-running Broadway musical, behind only The Phantom Of The Opera, Chicago and Cats. This is impressive in and of itself, but is even more so when you think about the fact it is based purely on a Disney movie. Besides having runs of comparable lengths on Broadway, The Lion King has also managed to capture six Tony Awards – which is the same number as Chicago and only one less than The Phantom Of The Opera and Cats.
This piece started by awing audiences in movie theaters and continues to awe them from the stage with elaborate musical numbers and fascinating sets and costumes. With over 7,000 performances and over 70 million people having filled the audiences, this musical doesn’t seem like it is going to lose steam anytime soon.
This cast gives you just a taste of what they are able to do as they sing their hearts out while strapped into their seats. Check out the video to get a feel for what they have to offer. Has anyone had the opportunity to see a live performance? Share your own experiences in the comment section below.


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