Mom, Baby, And Puppy Enjoy The Cutest Morning Snuggle Of All Time


You’re about to watch the ultimate anecdote to sadness.

YouTube user hulagirl2008 posted the following video, and I’ve seriously watched it three times now. This lucky mom is enjoying a “snoozing morning” with her baby and puppy — and it’s the cutest cuddle puddle I’ve ever seen! She recorded it in 2013, when her baby girl Riley was just a newborn. Her dachshund Nash is happily nestled in between Mom and Sis, hoping for the majority of kisses and pets. He makes sure to sneak in a few sweet kisses for Riley before looking at Mom with those puppy dog eyes. “I was your baby first, Mom! Don’t forget about me!”

Riley is lucky enough to grown up around dogs, as her mom’s YouTube page is full of videos showing the little girl playing in the yard with happy pups of all shapes and sizes.

We’ve seen many videos showing the incredible bond between dog and baby, and how kids can be so lucky to grow up with caring canines, and this one is totally my new favorite.

I’m so grateful to Mom for letting us share in this heartwarming moment.

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