15-Year-Old Boy Saves Grandma’s Life During Flood


West Virginia has recently declared a state of emergency with heavy rains causing mudslides, rockslides, and severe flooding.

What could have easily turned into another casualty of mother nature became one teenage boy’s act of heroism.

During grave times, it’s always those who act quickly and selflessly that make a difference. One man went so far as to rescue a drowning bear — an animal that could have easily mauled him!

Tyler Cline’s grandmother was out at night during a terrible storm. Her car was taken away by the harsh waters and became stranded in the flood. After a while the car began to fill up with water.

She began to cry out for help and wave her arms but it was dark and no one was around. Then a miracle happened.

Brant Freeland, a 15-year-old high school athlete, happened by. Risking everything, including his own life, he went into the deep waters and carried grandma to safety.


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After torrential rains in West Virginia, many areas were left flooding.


At the center of the flooding was Tyler Cline’s grandmother. She was trapped in her SUV for hours. The car began to fill with water, it seemed that in the middle of the night, with no one around, she was left for dead.


That was, until 15-year-old Brant Freeland saw her trapped. He selflessly risked his own life, traversed the dangerous waters, and carried her to safety.


After the incident, Tyler wrote this Facebook post to thank Brant and urged others to share the story of his heroism.


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