This 4-Year-Old Boy Starts Playing The Piano. The Result? I’m Speechless!


Most musicians practice their entire lives to get really good at what they do. Some of them become absolute masters of their craft while others continue to practice and practice but never achieve that status. While musical talent can be taught, it takes a ton of dedication, hard work, and a big time commitment.

ome people, however, are simply born with an innate affinity for music that translates to talent in a way that is almost unexplainable. They just happen to have a gift that comes flying out of them with ease and only improves exponentially with more practice.

Take the 4-year-old boy in this video, for example. Seated at the piano, the smiling young boy is set to play a tune for what appears to be his father. He starts off by banging random keys and you wonder just what type of performance you’re about to hear from him.

But then? Something magical happens. Within seconds, this 4-year-old pianist becomes an absolute virtuoso! His fingers move like a hummingbird’s wings, tickling the ivories with the speed and accuracy you might not even see from someone three times his age. It is, in a word, amazing.

The young boy goes on to play several songs before signing off, but it’s clear just after the first few notes that he’s going to be a huge star some day. For someone to be that talented at only 4-years-old means that he has a whole lifetime ahead of him to get better and better. Now that’s what people mean when they say someone is “scary good.”

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