Here Are 25 Extraordinarily Unfortunate Typos That Probably Offended Lots Of People. #5… OMG.


To err is human. Basically, that means it’s completely normal for humans to make mistakes. It’s part of our nature, we aren’t perfect. However, if you’re a writer, it’s good to check your work for mistakes (or so we have heard). Proofreading is absolutely vital.

Unfortunately, anyone can fall victim to missing a typo. These 25 people somehow missed or forgot to correct their typos… resulting in offensive or downright hilarious ads. Oops.

(H/T BuzzFeed)

Hopefully no one lost their job over these typos (like this prankster intern). Thankfully, most of the mistakes seen here were just hilarious. So the next time you hand in a quarterly report with a few typos, don’t be too embarrassed. You could have been running an ad for your company that said “pubic education.”

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