4 Talented Girls Make Crowd Gasp With Show-Stopping Routine


Back in the 1980’s, kids were hoping to make it big on Star Search, and we saw auditions from much younger versions of famous singers Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, and Beyonce. Although Star Search went supernova eons ago, thankfully we have a much funnier and more entertaining replacement. Steve Harvey’s cute kid-themed show Little Big Shots follows the nation’s most extraordinary young people as they demonstrate their unique talent – no matter how wild or crazy it is! And boy oh boy, sometimes kids can really surprise you.

When regular singing and dancing isn’t enough to float their boat, children have no problem veering off course and doing something that’s totally out of this world! Recently on an episode of Little Big Shots, a group known as The Diabolos blew the audience away with their show-stopping routine. At the start of the video, we can see four young girls, and they’re wearing lime green, black, and neon yellow-striped dresses. With their matching hats, they look like sassy little garden gnomes! However, it’s not the outfits that has the crowd’s attention.

At first, the audience is confused as to what the youngsters are going to do with the unusual props they’re holding in their hands. While many of us grew up with this familiar toy, it looks like these cheeky little ladies probably nicked theirs from the Jolly Green Giant’s offspring! But, just wait until you see these girls dance, jump rope, and do Cirque du Soleil inspired acrobatics with a supersized yo-yo. This is certainly something you don’t see every day – amazing! Watch the video below to see this fun yo-yo routine, and stick around for the stunning finale at the end.



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