5 Incredible TINY Homes That Are Under 250 Square Feet…


For a few thousand dollars, you can live mortgage free and be one with nature.

There’s just one small catch: a smaller monthly budget and life with no monthly mortgage payment means a smaller space than you might be used to…much smaller.

Welcome to the TINY HOME movement. By downsizing your life, you can achieve happiness that you never dreamed of with a hefty mortgage and a lot of clutter building up around your “normal” sized home…at least, that’s what tiny house enthusiasts will tell you. Take a peak into five of our favorite tiny dwellings in America and let us know if you’d be willing to downsize your life for less money and an increased sense of “zen!”

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#1. This Gypsy Wagon in the woods is actually a tiny home built by Rachel Ross for less than $8,000.00.


The 160 square foot space is considered a microhome, with all the bedding you need to stay warm through British Columbia winters…


PLUS a woodburning stove.


Read on to see what a Tiny Home looks like in Boise, Idaho!!

#2. Macy Miller built her 196 square foot dream home for $11,000. Along the way she met her dream man, got a great Dane, and became pregnant.


Three people and one pup live in this brilliantly designed tiny home.


The kitchen features all the creature comforts you could ask for…from a stove to a microwave – though they wash dishes by hand!! Want to see something really cool?



Up next, we feature a FORTUNE COOKIE shaped tiny home!!

#3. Abel Zimmerman at Zyl Vardos designed this itty bitty fortune cookie style tiny home for one lady and her pup.


The fortune cookie fam, just chilling…


Quirky details like this rounded, red-paned window give the house charm…but wait’ll you see how one tiny-home couple makes the most out of their “versatile back yard.”


#4. The beauty of a home on wheels like this itty bitty dwelling by Heirloom Homes is that virtually ANYWHERE can become your backyard!!


The home still needs a hearth – most tiny houses pay painstaking attention to the details in the kitchen.


Lofted beds, by the way, are ideal for extra long snuggle sessions.


Want to see what a tiny house looks like when it’s done up MODERN style? Continue reading…

#5. “Minimod” is a pre-fabricated mini home that is built offsite of the lot where you live.


These microhomes are designed to be low-impact on the surrounding environment with the clean lines that modern enthusiasts crave.


The concept allows tiny home owners to expand their living space if their family starts to grow!!




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