A 14-Year-Old Girl Sings “Pie Jesu” In A Church With An Angelic Voice


Recently, an amazing video was circulating on the Internet in which a 14-year-old boy performs a song.

Malakai Baio, who also appeared on Britain’s Got Talent, showed off his singing talent by performing a Christian song in a church.

The video posted by this guy on his YouTube channel has already become a real hit – today he has more than half a million views, and many Internet users are impressed by his performance.

This time, Malakai introduced himself to the church and sang his 1985 Christian hit “Pie Jesu”. Many famous musicians of the world sang.

Listen to 14-year-old Malachi Baio sing beautifully in church, showing off his talent with the Christian song “Pie Jesu”. Will he surprise you with his performance?



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