Adorable Baby Beagle Learns How To Howl By Listening To His Human


When a dog barks, it’s just like a human voice, in that each and every dog has his or her own distinct sound! But, as you’ve probably realized, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a deeper meaning to certain distinct barking styles!

For one thing, different kinds of barks can mean different things. On top of that, different breeds tend to make different types of noise.

Terriers, for example, are known for their rapid-fire “yapping” bark, while big dogs like Newfoundlands and Pyrenees tend to make a low-pitched, deep-throated noise instead. And, of course, all types of hounds are famous for their love of baying or howling!

It’s a quality that’s probably most famous in basset hounds­ — like these chatty brothers — and in bloodhounds, but it appears across the hound family. It even shows up in the beagle, one of the smallest and most polite members of the group.

But for some puppies, the skill doesn’t come naturally — it can take a little practice to learn how to master the perfect howl!

Such was the case for Louie the beagle, who was still feeling pretty shy about howling at 5 months old. With that in mind, Louie’s owner decided to give his pup a little confidence boost — but he never expected the pup to respond like this!

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