Adorable Boxer Is Scared Of A Tiny Feather


I thought it was just my dog — a Jack Russell terrier named Charlie — who gets scared over the silliest little things. But, as it turns out, many other pooches are frightened by objects that aren’t in the least bit scary. And it’s always hilarious to watch them in action.

I mean, who could forget about the comical pooches that started a fight with the windshield wipers of a car? They were trying their best to take down those wipers despite the fact that there was a glass window between them.

Then there’s also the adorable little pug who wasn’t too happy with his owner’s foam roller. He acted similarly to the pooch below who finds himself in a similar predicament when he encounters a little feather.

The minute the boxer sees a feather hanging on a windowpane, he immediately wants to find out what it is and what it’s doing there. He starts inching closer and closer and eventually shows the feather who’s boss.

It’s hard to tell what he finds so intimidating about this tiny feather, but his reaction is very entertaining.

Just watch if for yourself and let us know if your dog ever acts this way, too.

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