Adorable Lion Pride Treats A Tiny Young Woman As Their Lead Lioness


Lions are among the most spectacular beasts in the animal kingdom. Strong, fast, and agile, these fierce big cats are as beautiful as they are dangerous.

But, as always, there’s more to their story. While their hunting tactics and size do make lions dangerous to humans, these predators are social creatures. They show love and affection to their family, and know exactly how to treat someone that they consider to be part of their “pride.”

Certain lions have been known to accept select human beings as part of that family. This is particularly true of cubs that grow into adulthood with humans, like these sweet teenaged lions.

Similar relationships have been observed with other big cats, like this cheetah who was raised by a human woman, but cheetahs have been kept as pets for millennia. Lions, in contrast, can’t be tamed. Any relationship with a lion is one of mutual respect and trust.

Or Lazmi knows this better than anyone. This tiny woman, only five feet tall, is known for her way with these enormous animals. She works at Seaview Predator Park in South Africa, where she is responsible for the care of a wide variety of big cats.

The lions in particular feel a special bond with Lazmi. In fact, for the lions that have known her since they were tiny cubs, Lazmi is more than just a human pal, she’s the lead lioness of their pack! Check out the video below to learn more about their unusual relationship!

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