Alabama Hound Dog Accidentally Joins Half-Marathon Run, Comes In Seventh Place!


Anyone who owns a dog knows that our canine companions are often Energizer bunnies compared to their slightly slower-paced humans.

Though they say you can tell a lot about a dog from how he or she falls asleep, for many pooches, it takes a long time to get that dog-tired!

After all, it’s generally accepted that long after a human is tired of walking or running or playing fetch, most dogs will be happy to keep going for hours until they truly wear themselves out.

And of all the dogs out there, one of the most energetic has to be sweet and silly Ludivine, a bloodhound who proved herself to be quite the contestant after a recent feat of athletic achievement.

In fact, the two-and-a-half-year-old pooch took everybody by surprise one chilly Saturday morning in January when she showed up as an unannounced, last-minute entrant in the Trackless Train Trek Half-Marathon in Elkmont, Alabama…

[H/T: Runner’s World]


Ludivine’s owner, April Hamlin, let the hound dog out to do her business early Saturday morning, and went back inside.

She wasn’t concerned when Ludivine disappeared from sight, assuming the dog was just off safely exploring their yard.


Ludivine does have some history as a bit of an escape artist, but Hamlin doesn’t worry about her friendly dog getting into too much trouble in the small Alabama town, where she’s well-known.


However, on this particular Saturday, Ludivine did manage to find some mischief.

The town of Elkmont was conducting the very first Trackless Train Trek Half-Marathon, a fund-raiser for the local school system’s athletics program.



Ludivine evidently saw a bunch of folks running, and thought it looked like a really fun game!

She quickly decided to join in, signing herself up for the race, much to the surprise of people who entered the competition more conventionally.


Shockingly, she didn’t seem to lose interest or grow tired.

Fellow runners said that their furry running buddy did get distracted a few times, taking detours to explore interesting smells and greet fans, but always returning to the race.


Ultimately, the late-entry was rewarded for her persistence. The pooch raced the whole way, only slowing to a walk once she crossed the finish line.

She came in seventh overall, finishing in an hour and 32 minutes, and was awarded a medal for her troubles.


April Hamlin didn’t find out about her dog’s achievement until friends volunteering texted her photos of the champion.

According to Runner’s World, she’s stunned that her hound ran for the whole 13.1 miles, saying, “She’s laid-back and friendly, so I can’t believe she ran the whole half-marathon because she’s actually really lazy.”


If you ask us, Ludivine may have been lazy once, but it looks like she’s turning over a new leaf! Maybe she’s just sticking with her New Year’s resolution!

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