Artists Uses Drill To Create Works Of Art On Egg Shells


When we think of eggs, one word that comes to mind is “fragility.” They tend to split easily when you tap them along the side of a bowl or drop one. However, we also underestimate the chicken eggshell’s true strength. Comprised primarily of calcium carbonate which is stabilized by a protein matrix, the eggshell has an inner and outer membrane in addition to the actual shell and the cuticle, according to the Brazilian Journal of Poultry Science. This entire outer structure may seem fragile to us, but is in fact quite potent at protecting the embryo inside. This is backed by the egg’s domed structure which helps disperse and distribute weight evenly in order to prevent breaking.

That being said, artist Franc Grom’s eggs should be a testament to an egg’s durability. Adorned with thousands of holes which form intricate lace-like patterns, Grom’s careful drilling does not break the shell. The Slovenian artist even set a personal record a few years back, drilling a little over 24,000 holes in a single egg. So the next time you have trouble cracking an egg, remember that they’re not as fragile as you might think.



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