Baby goat spots puppy under a tree but watch closely when he approaches…


Have you ever known that making friendship is not a thing of human beings only and that animals too have that don? In the clip below, you will be having the pleasure of meeting Pipsqueak, the dwarf goat. Unlike other goats who only mind their own business, this pygmy goat loves socializing with everyone she meets. When she happened to be on the farm of her owner, she encountered a puppy known as Snowflake and immediately started to play with him. Maybe she thought that the puppy was a goat too, but she managed to lure him into the game. While in the process of chasing each other, a bunch of other puppies had to join in to have some good time too.

A video like this clearly shows you how animals do have that socializing character, not only with the same species but with others too. It is without doubt that Snowflake and Pipsqueak are having the best time together even though it is their first time to meet.

Watch the adorable clip below and let us know if you have seen a goat like Pipsqueak before by dropping your comment in the section below. Please SHARE the amazing story with all your friends on Facebook who are animal lovers!



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