Baby Sloth Snuggling With His Teddy Bear Will Instantly Melt Your Heart!


London Zoo’s animal specialist Kelly-Anne Kelleher may just have the best job ever! After the zoo recently welcomed a tiny baby sloth, the seven-week-old’s mother stopped producing milk. Without hesitation, Kelleher proudly took on the role of the sloth baby’s surrogate mom.

The tiny two-toed sloth Edward, named after Edward Scissorhands, is being bottle-fed every three hours by Kelleher, who tops off the goats milk with vitamins to keep him fit and healthy. In addition, the zookeeper customized the sloth-teddy bear from the zoo’s gift shop with carbines so it can be hung from a branch, and Edward can climb on and strengthen his little limbs.

“I want the baby to use all the muscles that he’d be using if he was on his mother,” she said. “He is able to climb all the way around the teddy and make himself comfy however he wants to be.”

In the video, Edward snuggles with the teddy bear, and it might just be the cutest thing in the world! We challenge anyone not to instantly fall in love with little Edward.

Keepers hope that once the sloth starts feeding himself and puts on weight, he will be reintroduced to his natural family. The young sloth will become part of the European breeding program for his species, the Zoological Society of London said.

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