Beautiful dog climbs onto the roof terrace and falls from the ceiling


Most of our pets always want the attention of their guests when they come to visit because they know they will get a good dose of pampering.

The dog in the video, which has already become a real hit on the network, has attracted the attention of party-goers.

To date, the video has over 800,000 views on YouTube alone, and this scene is sure to make you laugh. We can follow the dog, which first climbs onto the roof, and then falls onto the blanket stretched under the roof.

The dog could no longer resist himself, so the party guests came to his aid – the dog was carefully lowered to the ground, and during the rescue operation, he happily wagged his tail and conquered many animal lovers with his innocence. online.

Check out the video where we can see the guests from Mexico rescue a curious dog that fell off the roof while watching. Will he attract you with his appearance?



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