This Bird Hears Her Parents Fighting. But Her Reaction


Birds are not only intelligent creatures, but they also happen to be the goofiest animals ever. At least, that’s what I think. And here we meet a bird who’s a perfect combination of those two personality traits — smart and funny.

This video, which I have no doubt will go viral very soon, features a loud-spoken cockatoo named Peaches. She just won’t shut up as she sits perched atop her cage, and it turns out this isn’t just gibberish — these are the words of her owners, mimicking what they sound like when they argue. OMG! And yes, it’s absolutely hilarious.

While I can’t hear what she’s saying word-for-word, I believe I do hear the muffled sounds of what can only be curse words, accusations, and smart-guy remarks. Either Peaches’ owner argues a lot, or she has an incredible memory. I think it’s a mix of both. I love how Dad’s just sitting there next to her, as if he’s heard Peaches do this many, many times.

Have you ever seen a bird so funny? I can’t say I have! What a character! Give your friends a good laugh — please SHARE this video on Facebook



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