This Bulldog Can’t Get His Bone Through His Door. His Solution? Hilarious!


I love, love, love English bulldogs. Their grumpy, wrinkly faces always make them look so cranky and judgmental — which just makes me laugh.

Owning this breed is definitely a joy, but they also come with a few health concerns. If you’re considering adopting a bulldog, just know that they are prone to cardiac and respiratory problems, and their skin folds need to be cleaned every day to avoid problems.

However, if you’re a patient and attentive owner, then bulldogs — like the one in the video below — will keep you laughing for years!

This video features a determined (though frustrated) bulldog desperately trying to fit his new bone through his doggy-door, but he just can’t figure out the physics of how to do it.

Laugh one comes 18 seconds in when he looks back at his owner as if to say, “You can’t help?” and then the giggles just keep coming.

I have now watched this video five times and even showed it to three of my coworkers. By the end, we actually applauded.

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