Cats Are Free To Roam Safely With “Catios” — A New Backyard Feature That’s Going Viral!


They say that there are only two personality types in the world: cat people and dog people. Sure, some might love both — and some might like neither — but at the end of the day, most people identify as either one or the other.

And if you happen to consider yourself a full-fledged feline lover, then you definitely need to see what cat lovers everywhere are adding to their homes!

While some people are busy transforming their backyards into gorgeous secret gardens or stunning fiery retreats, others are building “catios,” special sanctuaries designed with feisty felines in mind!

We all know that cats love to roam and play, but the outdoors can be dangerous to our furry friends. Cars, wild animals, and poisonous materials are just some of the risks cats can encounter outside.

But with “catios,” cats can run freely and owners can rest easy! Would you like something like this in your backyard? Be sure to let us know below!

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Across the nation, backyards are beginning to gain a very unique feature — and cat lovers everywhere agree that it’s purr-fect! It’s called a “catio,” and it’s going viral.


Part patio, part cat enclosure, the “catio” is loved by both kitties and owners alike.


Cats love to roam the great outdoors — climbing, scratching, napping in the sun — but it can be risky to let them wander freely.


That’s why the “catio” is the perfect solution. It allows cats to observe wildlife, run freely, and sniff the air — all while maintaining their safety and well-being.


And since they’re designed and built by cat lovers, “catios” feature everything a feline friend could want or need.



With their UV-protected sunroofs, breathable mesh walls, all-natural cedar perches and catwalks, and access points to the home’s interior, these “catios” are a dream come true for kitties everywhere.


And since they’re custom-built, “catios” can take any shape or size you need. Some owners choose to build ground-level, standalone sanctuaries.


Catwalks can be built to run along fences so cats can safely roam all day long.


“Catios” give cats a sense of being immersed in the wild, while offering all the comforts of a modern, domesticated life.


But “catios” aren’t just for cats! Thanks to full-sized access doors, owners can also enjoys these feline sanctuaries.


Safe from traffic, wild animals, and unfamiliar humans, cats can sleep peacefully within these protective “catios.”


And they aren’t just good for napping in the sun: There are many practical benefits to these kitty enclosures: lower vet bills, protection of local birds, and elimination of litter box odor are just a few perks of owning a “catio.”


Would you enjoy having a “catio” in your backyard? Let us know your thoughts below!


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