Friend Creates Tear-Jerking Anthem For Miracle Baby Aiden


One day, Jacob Colgan received a horrifying text message from a good friend of his. There had been a terrible car accident. His friend Trent Duncan had to be airlifted. Trent’s wife Jessica, still pregnant with their son Aiden, had experienced extreme trauma to her pelvic and hips. While their 3-year-old daughter Brooklynn was thankfully unharmed, Jessica was forced to give birth to Aiden. The newborn was just 24 weeks. He weighed 1 pound, 3 ounces, and was a mere 11.5 inches long.

“A friend of mine sent me a text and all it said was, ‘Massive car wreck. Please pray for baby Aiden.’ And with this text was one of the pictures of the tiniest babies I’ve ever seen,” said Jacob of Green Shoe Studio who produced the viral “A Letter from Fred” video. There was much concern about Aiden’s survival, all Jacob or anyone could do was watch from the sidelines as Jessica recovered and Aiden fought for his life. Facing uncertain times, Jacob turned to his father for support, as he had experienced something similar with a sibling. That’s when Jacob became inspired to write the song “Hold On.” The tear-jerking anthem is for the Duncan family and anyone who refuses to let go of a loved one. Watch as Jessica and Trent listen to the song for the first time below.

“We were reminded of how fragile life is and that’s really how this song was born,” Jacob says.

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