When They Gave Their Cockatoo A Cup, They Never Expected Him To Do THIS!


Whether it’s by talking into a fan or using a funky mechanical voice changer, many of us have found fun ways to make ourselves sound different. Harley the cockatoo recently discovered that he, too, can completely alter his voice with the help of a cup. I can’t imagine what this goofy bird must have been thinking when he tried this out, but watching his reaction has me crying tears of laughter!

We’ve seen before that cockatoos have some of the silliest quirks of any pet. This funny guy actually tried to talk his owner out of taking him to the veterinarian! But what really fascinates me about these birds is how much they pay attention to sound. Just like this hilarious dancing bird that can’t get enough Elvis in his life, Harley seems to really love discovering new sounds in his environment. Who knows? Maybe he’ll get a hold of a microphone next and record his own hit single!

What I really love about this video is how human Harley acts with this cup. It’s easy to imagine a curious child in his place. Watching this cockatoo yell into a cup is somehow one of the funniest things I’ve seen all week, but I definitely understand his newfound fascination for making new noises. I’d love to see what would happen if he decided to sing into that cup!

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