People Are Freaked Out By These Twins Who Are Truly Identical In Every Way


Identical twins Bridgette and Paula Powers are so in sync it’s almost surreal. At the age of 32, they sat down for the interview below, and the second they open their mouths to speak I could hardly believe it.

Bridgette and Paula not only finish each other’s sentences as twins tend to do, but they speak simultaneously and seamlessly as if their words are funneled through the exact same brain. They also dress the same, take part in the same activities, and they rarely spend time apart. That’s because they feel it’s impossible to function without the other, which seems like both a blessing and a curse. At the time of filming, Bridgette and Paula were still living at home with their parents, and had never experienced dating!

Bridgette and Paula, now 41, have also dedicated their lives to saving the seabirds of Australia. Together, they established the Marine Animals Rescue Service to care for injured and sick seabirds and spread awareness about animal rescue.

Family, teachers, and friends continue to be baffled by these eerily similar twins, as are YouTubers who have called Bridgette and Paula’s connection everything from “cute” to “creepy.”

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