Kitten Steals Plush Toy From Neighbors And Makes New Best Friend


Cats have a long history of stealing things, like this kitty who wanted the dog’s toy, and this feline who stole his sister’s food. So when we heard that a kitten stole from him neighbors, we weren’t surprised at all!

In fact, he probably redefines the meaning of “cat burglar” by the looks of it!

Watch as this nifty fellow make his way from one yard to the next with his tail held high! He saunters off with his catch after nimbly leaping through the opening in the gate.

At first, it’s hard to tell what he has in his mouth, but whatever he’s carrying looks to be almost as large as he is. With a closer look, you realize that this is probably the most adorable catch a cat can make — a plush tiger toy!

He looks very proud of himself and his newfound best friend. He carries him into a clearing surround by potted plants and rolls around with the toy.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a kitten so content before! We hope the two will stay friends for a long time to come — hopefully the neighbors will let this cutie keep his plush tiger. After all, he did go through some pains to acquire the toy — this was his second attempt at stealing it!

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