Loyal Pit Bull Stands Guard Over His Companion After She Was Hit By A Car. Incredible.


Michael Mason was driving along when he spotted something tragic, but also very inspiring. A stray Pit Bull, now known as Herman was standing over his injured female friend, who appears to have been hit by a car. Mason snapped a photo, which has since made the dog a hero on the internet.

While there are still many people who claim that this breed is dangerous, this unbelievable photo proves that it is bad owners who give the breed a bad name. Herman’s friend passed away, but this loyal dog remained by her side. Herman was picked up by Atlanta’s Fulton County Animal Services, and they have received hundreds of calls about the homeless dog.

If you ever doubted that animals feel compassion, just take a look at this incredible photo. This story completely broke my heart, but it also touched me deeply to see such a loyal dog.

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