Dad Pulls Over Daughter For Drinking Milk And Driving


Look out, Cops, there’s a new sheriff in town and he’s coming for your regular programming.

An adorable new video has surfaced of a father giving his daughter a stern talking to after her car hits a snow bank under questionable circumstances — like something straight out of a police chase series.

“Boop, boop!” he says, mimicking the siren of a police vehicle. “Keep your hands where I can see them!”

As he approaches his daughter’s mini pink car, he asks her what the problem seems to be — only to cut himself off mid-sentence after noticing a pink bottle of milk in her hand. “M’am, what is in the bottle,” he asks. “What is in the cup?”

Naturally his daughter is much too young to understand she’s being pulled over for drinking milk and driving. But for us adults, this hilarious encounter is near-impossible not to crack a smile at. Possibly the best part of this video, though, is his daughter’s indifference to the entire situation — from the moment he pretends to pull her over to the second he calls into the station for backup after he reports she’s been “non-compliant.” May dad humor forever continue to crack us up with its shenanigans.

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