Dad And Son Find Abandoned Puppy Found Inside Duffel Bag


A California dad named David, his infant son and their family dog, Luigi, recently went for a walk. Everything was as it should be — but as they passed a commercial building, David heard faint whimpering sounds coming from some bushes outside the door. He took a closer look, saw some movement there, and then spotted a small blue duffel bag a few feet back.

David pulled the bag out of the bushes and noticed that the zipper was partially opened. That’s when a small black nose popped out of the opening. At first, he thought it was a rabbit — but seconds later, David realized the horrible truth.

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David was out taking a walk with his 11-month-old son and dog when he heard the faint sounds of whimpers and cries coming from inside the bushes.

As he stopped to take a closer listen, he noticed the bushes starting to rustle. That’s when he spotted a small blue duffel back hidden amongst the leaves.



When David opened the bag, he was shocked by what he found: a tiny white puppy. This abandoned dog had been stuffed into a duffel bag and hidden in the bushes.


The bag contained a leash and harness. “Someone had left it there expressly to be found, I think,” David told KSWB news.



David named the seven-and-a-half pound, nine-month-old puppy Duffy to commemorate the bag in which he was discovered. He brought Duffy home and had intended on keeping him, but when Duffy began acting territorial around his young son, he knew he needed to help the puppy find a more suitable forever home.

Despite his sad start in life, Duffy is cuddly, playful, smart, and healthy.


Duffy is currently available for adoption at the Rancho Coastal Humane Society(RCHS) in Encinitas, CA. For more information, call 760-753-6413.

Animal abandonment is illegal in the state of California, and can result in fines and/or jail time.

No animal deserves to be abandoned like this. Please SHARE Duffy’s story with your friends on Facebook, and help us find him his forever home!



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