Dancers Dazzle With Fancy Footwork Irish Dance On BGT


When a group of 15 girls strode out onto the stage at Britain’s Got Talent, the judges and crowd wondered what they were about to do. Called Innova Irish Dance Company, the teens had been rehearsing nightly leading up to their big performance and had dreams of making it big like the Irish dancing group Riverdance. These dancers incorporate traditional Irish dance but set it to modern and fast-paced music. The result was just spectacular.

As the only Northern Ireland act to be voted through to the live stage of Britain’s Got Talent, the girls had their hopes set on making it to the finale. They made it all the way to the final three performance slots during the semi-finals, the the judges were absolutely smitten. Their feet were shockingly quick as they tappity tapped to the upbeat music. The choreography was unique and impeccably sharp as anticipated.



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