Diners In Restaurant React To Racially-Motivated Hatred


In this video, a white girl introduces her black boyfriend to her father over breakfast. Their conversation quickly turns into a heated argument when the father’s racist attitude toward the young man becomes all too apparent, causing all the other patrons of the diner to eavesdrop. But, those people are not aware of the fact that the father, daughter, and boyfriend are all actors who are trying to provoke a response from the other restaurant-goers.

This clip is a segment from the television show “What Would You Do?” in which hidden cameras capture how unsuspecting passersby react to ethical dilemmas in a public setting. In this particular instance, they record whether or not people intervene in this situation or if they simply carry on with their meal as if nothing is happening. While one individual behaves admirably, there are a few other instances that were truly disheartening to watch. Take a look at how the drama unfolds in the video below, and be sure to let us know what you think about the other diners’ actions (or lack thereof) in the comments section. What would you do?



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