Dog takes in 2 kittens and nurses them along with puppy litter


Acanine supermom from Pennsylvania demonstrated the unconditional nature of motherly love by adding two kittens to her litter, according to a story from ABC Local in Harristown.

Annabelle was a 3-year-old Jack Russell terrier mix, just enjoying the early stages of motherhood when she was asked to do the unthinkable. Her owner, Kristie Sharar wanted to help a friend who had just found a couple of kittens. The kittens had apparently been abandoned, and when Sharar’s friend tried to feed them with a dropper, they wouldn’t take the food.

Knowing Annabelle had just given birth to two puppies, Kristie thought perhaps the dog would take the kittens into her litter and care for them as if they were her own. So she gave it a shot, and what happened next surprised her.

“Within an hour, she was letting them nurse from her and she was cleaning them,” Sharar said of Annabelle. In fact, Annabelle was often more protective of the kittens than she was of her own puppies, Sharar told ABC Local, sometimes even going so far as to carry them around in her mouth.

Check out the adorable video for yourself, below.



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